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My name is Peter McCarthy, founder of Steps to Solutions, Inc.
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My name is Peter McCarthy, founder of Steps to Solutions, Inc. The name Steps to Solutions was created through my own struggles on the journey of recovery. It was through my work with the steps of recovery that I have been able to weather the storms on this path.
I have been faced with much adversity on this path and overcome many harrowing situations including; the loss of my father, homelessness, divorce, bankruptcy, surgery, and having family and friends pass away as a result of addiction. Through my collection of experiences one thing has remained constant, my steadfastness and an overwhelming conviction to the process of recovery.

Today with over 25+ years clean I am a successful entreprenneur. I have enjoyed many rekindled bonds with family and friends. I am actively able to be accountable in all areas of my life as a result of being in the solution. This is what we have to offer in our community, a base to build on in this, your second chance at life! I have dedicated my life to a program of recovery, I have learnt to be of selfless service, this is doing the right thing for the right reason with no questions asked. I am proud to be a man of integrity and honor today and look forward to being able to help you on this path.

Steps to Solutions, Inc. began in 2007 with one man and one bed; it grew to over 150 beds in five communities and currently is at roughly 85 beds in four communities with seven locations. We carry a liability insurance policy. Some of the services we offer at Steps to Solutions include in-house counseling, Narcan training, a nurse practitioner onsite on Monday evenings, and cameras monitoring outside of all our facilities.

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